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Super-small speaker.
Immense listening experience.

Think you’ve heard everything? You’re in for a huge surprise. Introducing PiZZi Mini, a super-small speaker with sound that will leave you dazzled and astounded.

PiZZi Mini is designed to make people happy. Just hear for yourself. Put PiZZi Mini in your pocket. Take it to a beach party. Dance to music in the park. Play air-guitar in your room. Sing your heart out while driving. Wherever you go, PiZZi Mini’s small dimensions and pitch perfect tones are guaranteed to make you giddy with joy.

PiZZi Mini is the perfect gift for people with a love for music and a passion for life. Get one for pure pleasure or two for robust stereophonic sound!

Smart Design

Comes in a variety of colors and metallic finishes.

Compact & Lightweight

Put it in your pocket. Carry it wherever you go.

Powerful Sound

Thunderous bass and ultra-sharp treble.

Clear Call Handsfree

With our built-in handsfree, you can enjoy clear phone calls anywhere.

Top Quality

Beautiful. Durable. Highly enjoyable

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Unique Features

Stereo Speakers (Two Units) TWS

TWS technology allows users to quickly connect any other TWS speaker and enjoy great stereophonic sound.

Selfie Remote Control

Connect PiZZi Mini to your smartphone, and use it as a remote control to take great selfies from a distance.

Take Your Music Everywhere

A party at the beach. The park. The office. Your room. Take PiZZi Mini anywhere and have a blast.

Pocket Size

PiZZi Mini fits into the tightest of pockets and weighs only 57 grams. Yet its immense sound will amaze you.

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Added Values

Pizzi’s robust sound and 20HZ-20KHZ frequency response will surprise you. You’ll be floored by the thunderous bass and ultra-sharp treble. Perfect for anyone who is passionate about music.

Pizzi comes in a variety of colors and metallic finishes. With its cool high-tech
design, Pizzi looks great everywhere

Weighing a mere 57 grams, Pizzi is so small it fits in your pocket. You can take it with you wherever you go. You’ll hardly feel it’s there. Until you play some music, that is!

What defines quality? For Pizzi, it’s a multitude of features. Sleek beauty. Superior durability. Compatible size. Awesome sound. And pure listening pleasure.

Want to enjoy stereophonic sound? All you need are twin Pizzi speakers. Pizzi’s TWS technology will take care of the rest. No cables. Just great sound.

Enjoy great music while you drive. Take a road trip with friends. Ride the highway on your own. With Pizzi, you’ll always have a great time.

As an extension of your smartphone or laptop, Pizzi’s Bluetooth V5.0 version enhances Siri & Google voice commands with a crisp, clear and powerful tone.

Pizzi is equipped with a powerful li-polymer 300mAh rechargeable battery that enables up to 4 hours of music. An alert tone lets you know when the battery needs recharging.

Once connected to your smartphone, Pizzi become more than a speaker. It turns into a remote control that allows you to take great selfies from a distance.


Dimensions 35x35x34mm
Net Weight 57.6g
Loudspeaker Output 3w
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Battery Capacity 300mAh
Battery Charging Voltage 5V[USB]
Play Time Up to 4 hours
Battery Charge Time 2 hours
Charging led (red)
Power on led