No. 8000 | Single
No. 8500 | Twin

Super speaker.
Immense listening experience.

Pizzi is a speaker that changes everything we thought we knew about sound. Powered by
groundbreaking technology, Pizzi’s powerful, high-quality audio leaves music lovers
speechless. Who knew something this small could produce this much juice?

Saying that Pizzi is compact is a huge understatement. Pizzi easily fits into the tightest of
pockets and weighs close to nothing. A user-friendly interface allows you to seamlessly
connect Pizzi to your smartphone, laptop and car system – and blast your favorite tunes
from dusk till dawn.

Pizzi is manufactured in one of the world’s leading audio laboratories, and adheres to
strict quality assurance standards. Pizzi’s deep and robust sound range will never cease
to amaze you. Looking for a superior stereophonic sound? Connect twin Pizzi speakers
via Bluetooth. It’s that simple.

Pizzi’s rich sound is complemented by sleek product design. Even the packaging looks
great. It’s the perfect gift for passionate people.

Powerful Sound

Top Quality

Stereo Speakers

(Two Units)

TWS technology allows users to quickly
connect any two Pizzi speakers and
enjoy great stereophonic sound.

Added Values

Pizzi’s robust sound and 20HZ-20KHZ frequency response will surprise you. You’ll be floored by the thunderous bass and ultra-sharp treble. Perfect for anyone who is passionate about music.

Pizzi comes in a variety of colors and metallic finishes. With its cool high-tech
design, Pizzi looks great everywhere

Weighing a mere 193 grams, you can take it with you wherever you go. You’ll hardly feel it’s there. Until you play some music, that is!

What defines quality? For Pizzi, it’s a multitude of features. Sleek beauty. Superior durability. Compatible size. Awesome sound. And pure listening pleasure.

Want to enjoy stereophonic sound? All you need are twin Pizzi speakers. Pizzi’s TWS technology will take care of the rest. No cables. Just great sound.

Enjoy great music while you drive. Take a road trip with friends. Ride the highway on your own. With Pizzi, you’ll always have a great time.

As an extension of your smartphone or laptop, Pizzi’s Bluetooth V5.0 version enhances Siri & Google voice commands with a crisp, clear and powerful tone.

Pizzi is equipped with a powerful li-polymer 600mAh rechargeable battery that enables up to 5 hours of music. An alert tone lets you know when the battery needs recharging.

Once connected to your smartphone, Pizzi become more than a speaker. It turns into a remote control that allows you to take great selfies from a distance.


TWS -True Wireless Stereo Pairable Speaker
5W strong driver with passive radiator for rich sound
Speaker 4Ω 5W
diameter 45mm
Battery 3.7V/600mAh
Wireless Version V5.0
Wireless Range 10m
Music playing time up to 5 hours
Dimension 58x58x46.4mm
Product weight 193g